Why do you need to block proxies from your online stores?

Why do you need to block proxies from your online stores


With the current pandemic, businesses that are operating in traditional brick and mortar establishments would have found their revenues plummeting. People who would normally frequent the shops are now under movement restrictions that limit where they can go. Coupled with fear of getting infected by the coronavirus, most people would just go online to buy whatever they need.

As a merchant, if you’re not selling online, you will eventually have to close down your business. However, by operating an online store, you run a higher risk of being defrauded by malicious parties. The card-not-present environment makes it easier for someone to impersonate another when making fraudulent purchases at your online store.

What are proxy servers?

If you’re not familiar with proxies, they are machines that allow someone to appear to be located in a different location when buying things on the Internet. Fraudsters tend to cover their tracks with proxy servers whenever making online purchases.

They know IP addresses can be geolocated to their physical location, but with the help of the proxy server’s IP, they will instead be traced to a different location. This makes prosecuting them a lot harder for law enforcement.

Why do you need to block proxies?

People will rarely need to hide their physical location whenever they buy things online. Granted, you may encounter a paranoid buyer or two. But as a rule, nobody tries to hide where they are whenever buying stuff online.

There is a high probability that anyone visiting your online store via a proxy server is up to no good. In cases like these, blocking them from making purchases would be wise. With the IP2Proxy proxy detection database, you can easily see what type of proxy they are using and block their purchase.

Another reason to check for proxies is due to licensing. Selling digital products sometimes come with licensing restrictions from the product suppliers. They may only allow you to sell the products in certain localities. By using a proxy, obviously someone can bypass this restriction. That exposes your business to legal repercussions if the providers decide to check on your licensing compliance.


Make use of the daily updated data from IP2Proxy to save your online business from fraud and stay compliant with any licensing restrictions. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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