Concurrent queries with IP2Proxy Go Package

Intro Good news! IP2Proxy Go Package version 2.3.0 has been modified to support concurrent proxy queries using the IP2Proxy BIN database files. This means you can write more powerful and faster codes to get your task done sooner. Below is our simple example to demonstrate concurrency with the IP2Proxy Go […]

IPv4 Address 2020 Infographics

In our modern society, more and more people are accessing the Internet for many purposes like research, work, entertainment, communication, shopping and so on. It cannot be denied that the Internet plays an important role in our daily life. The Internet which is a global system of interconnected computer networks […]

Using IP2Location Go Package in multi-threading codes

Intro Starting with the IP2Location Go Package version 8.3.0, is now possible to perform concurrent geolocation queries with the IP2Location BIN files. In this simple example, we will show how to call the IP2Location Go Package with multiple threads.   Example code Below we have the full example code where […]

Changes in United Kingdom Postcodes

The United Kingdom postcodes are alphanumeric and are variable in length including a space such as “SW1A 1AA”. Each postcode is divided into two parts separated by a single space known as the outward code and the inward code respectively. The outward code includes the postcode area and the postcode […]

How to create region maps display in Kibana

You are able to create region maps via the Kibana Visualize Service. Region maps are thematic maps in which boundary vector shapes are colored using a gradient. The region maps in Kibana provides various selections of vector map. For example, World Countries, Argentina Provinces, Australia States, Belarus Regions and more. […]

MySQL vs. MongoDB IP2Location DB24 query benchmark

Intro For this article, we will be running a few tests to determine whether MySQL or MongoDB is better when it comes to the query speed for the IP2Location DB24 data. We have generated some test data with random IP addresses. There are 10 test files containing IP addresses with […]

Changes to Country Names in IP2Location and IP2Proxy

IP2Location is going to update the country names used in IP2Location or IP2Proxy products as according to the latest ISO-3166 standards defined by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. There will be no changes to the ISO3166-1 Alpha-2 Codes (the 2-digits Country Code), but only for certain full country names. […]

Importing IP2Location data into Cassandra and querying with PHP (IPv4)

Intro The guide will demonstrate how to import IP2Location data (DB11) in CSV form into Apache Cassandra and then query the data in a PHP page. First of all, you will need to download the IP2Location DB11 CSV file. Download Free LITE version at Download commercial version at Extract […]