Installing IP2Location HTTP Module in IIS server-wide

This user guide will list out the steps to install the IP2Location HTTP Module in IIS server-wide. Pre-requisite: .NET 3.5 framework MUST be installed before trying the steps below. Download the module from Download BIN database file at Create a new folder and extract out all the files from both […]

What is IP2Location BIN data file?

Intro IP2Location geolocation data comes in 2 different data file formats. One is the Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format which users can import into their databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and so on. The other format is the BIN data file format. The BIN here refers to binary […]

Benefits of using IPv6

Intro Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest version of the protocol that we use in our daily lives whenever we go online to browse the Internet. Our computers communicate with web servers and other computers using this protocol. There are quite a few benefits to using IPv6 versus […]

How to detect data center IP address ranges?

Intro Data centers function primarily as hosting providers so that individuals or organizations can setup their own servers to serve contents like web servers and email servers. They are flexible enough that you can also run various software and services on them for additional functionalities. One such functionality is anonymizing […]

How to Automate IP2Location BIN Database Download

This tutorial will show you how to automate the IP2Location BIN database download and it works for both the IP2Location LITE and the commercial BIN database. By automating the download process, you no longer need to worry about missing out on any of the monthly BIN database update. Below is […]

How to use IP2Location GeoLocation with Nginx

Geolocation is important, regardless of whether you are a marketer, online business owner, advertiser and so on. We need geolocation information to help us to learn more about our clients. For example, where are they coming from, what is their time zone, are they visiting via a proxy and many […]