Common geolocation marketing mistakes

Geolocation marketing is a technique that delivers personalized content to customers based on their current physical location. Businesses can locate users accurately and provide them with contextually relevant messages, promotions, or advertisements. While geolocation marketing is an innovative technique, it does have its downsides. Be aware of the common mistakes […]

IPv4 Address 2024 Infographics

Introduction The internet has become an essential part of our daily routine, connecting people and devices across the globe. The Internet Protocol (IP) forms the backbone of this enormous network, establishing communication between devices. IPv4, the fourth version of this protocol, has been crucial in shaping the digital landscape and […]

Country Name Updates in IP2Location

Today, we are excited to announce significant updates to all IP2Location products and services. These updates align with the country names in the latest release of the ISO 3166 standard, showcasing our commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date information to users worldwide. What’s changing? The IP2Location data has been enhanced […]

How to get IP geolocation with Keyless API

IP geolocation data is not just random strings of statistics. It holds valuable information about the geographical location of a device or user. Geolocation data typically includes details such as latitude, longitude, country, region, city, and much more. Sometimes, even more granular information like street address or ZIP code. This […]

IPv4 IP queries using IPv6 CSV data (DB11 LITE)

IP queries allows you to discover the geographical location of a specific IP address. Businesses use IP queries to enhance cybersecurity measures by monitoring and analyzing network traffic. As users of IP2Location CSV data files know, we offer both IPv4 CSV files and also IPv6 CSV files for geolocation data. […]

The Impact of IP Intelligence on Sales and Marketing Strategies

IP intelligence has become increasingly important in the realm of sales and marketing in the digital age. Businesses understand the need to connect with their target audiences through a deeply personalized approach. This is the reason why IP intelligence plays a crucial role in sales and marketing strategies. Understanding IP […]

Advanced optimization for IP2Proxy database queries

In this article, we’ll show IP2Proxy database users how to optimize the SQL queries to improve performance. The reason for this optimization is due to the fact that the IP2Proxy database does NOT contain contiguous ranges of IP addresses. There are gaps between the ranges whenever there is no proxy […]

Using DB11 IPv6 in MySQL: decimal vs binary fields

MySQL is a common relational database being used by our customers to store the IP2Location Geolocation data. In this article, we’ll cover storing and querying IPv6 data in MySQL. In particular, we will look at the use of decimal and binary datatypes to store the IPv6 data for geolocation queries. […]

Introducing Satellite (SAT) in Connection Speed

We are thrilled to announce that IP2Location has expanded its products with the addition of a Satellite (SAT) indicator under connection speed. This latest enhancement provides improved accuracy and granularity in identifying connections made via satellite network providers, such as Starlink, Viasat, Eutelsat, and others. The Satellite (SAT) indicator is […]