How to redirect users in WPML with IP2Location Redirection Plugin

IP2Location Redirection WordPress plugin is fully integrated and supported WPML translation plugin from version 1.24.0 onward. This new feature enables users to easily implement multilingual pages using WPML to automatically redirect the users to a properly translated localized page based on their geolocation. A localized page will not only increase […]

What are IAB categories?

In the latest DB25 database from IP2Location, there is a field which stores the IAB category. So, what is this IAB category and do I need it for my business? Read on and find out. Interactive Advertising Bureau Before we go further, let’s just quickly delve into what is the […]

What is scanner IP address?

Starting with the launch of the IP2Proxy PX9 database, the threat field data was added. This threat field contains the type of threat posed by the IP address. One of the possible threat classifications is the SCANNER threat type. What is the SCANNER threat type? As the word suggests, the […]

How to detect Public Proxy in Flask

Introduction Flask is a lightweight web framework written in Python which makes it easy to develop a web application. It comes with a number of libraries to help web development. It is essential for developers to choose which libraries to use. This is because a good library can help in […]