Top 3 Ways IP Geolocation Helps Content Localization Maximise Sales

Top 3 Ways IP Geolocation Helps Content Localization Maximise Sales
Top 3 Ways IP Geolocation Helps Content Localization Maximise Sales

After the advent of the Internet as we know it, marketing changed in a big way.

Nowadays, up to 82% of customers do their due diligence online before they shop. Sure, they still want to see the product in real life, but first they do their homework on the Internet.

Gone are the days when your potential customers would walk by your shop. If you’re selling a product, you need to be sure your online presence is strong.

The thing is, it does you no good to sell skis to folks headed to Florida on vacation. Here’s where content localization comes in.

What Is Content Localization?

Content localization is just a way of targeting a specific demographic. There are two ways to do online advertising – the net and the lure approach.

With a net, you’re just scooping up whatever you can get. A lot of those that see your ad won’t be your customers. With a lure, you’re focusing on your perfect catch.

IP geolocation can help online advertisers find their perfect customer and make more sales on less spend. Keep reading to find out how to maximize sales with IP geolocation!

Know Your Audience

Just as we mentioned, IP geolocation will help you find your perfect customer.

Do you get more clicks from women in their 30s? Do you get more website traffic from people in Connecticut?

For example, if you have a restaurant, it’s would be important to know that Asian-Americans are most likely to frequently eat out. That’s a great place to focus your advertising efforts.

Wherever your customers flow in from, IP geolocation helps you identify who your main audience is and go from there.

Save on Ads

Now that you’ve got your ideal audience in your sites, you won’t be throwing good money after bad.

As a business owner, your time and money are valuable – and finite – assets. You can’t afford to spend tons on ads that net you little to no results.

Play to your audience and forget about ads that go nowhere.

When you’re purchasing ads, there are ways to make your hyper-target your desired audience. By leveraging content localization with your audience insights, you’ll spend less on advertising and reap greater rewards.

Real World Applications

So now you know who your customers are, where and why they’re clicking, and have focused your online advertising on them like a laser. Think that’s all there is to it?

Think bigger!

If you’ve got your targets in your sights, you can go beyond the online world. Think about buying a billboard in the zip code where you see the most clicks.

You might even find the best spot for another location of your store! The possibilities are endless.

Maximize Your Sales Today!

Not sure where to start with content localization? We’ve got your back!

As IP geolocating experts, we’re ready to help you start boosting your sales with this localization. You’ll gain valuable insight as to where your customers are, what they like about you, and what they want so you can deliver.

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