The Use of IP Address Geolocation to Enhance Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management
Digital Rights Management

Online streaming of movies, songs, and other digital media has been rising in popularity. Recent studies show that 83% of Americans stream online videos and movies in their home. The innovations in technology and online bandwidth have aided in the internet streaming “craze”. As more companies utilize digital media to profit and grow as a company, they face the difficulties of attempting to moderate the distribution of online content and obey copyright and licensing agreements. Many people are left wondering how big corporations can somehow perform the necessary actions to establish and maintain Digital Rights Management. The answer to this question is simple – IP Intelligence by

What is IP Intelligence?

IP Intelligence is utilizing the location of a user and determining what to serve that user with something called an IP address. An IP address is an identifier that is given to every user on the internet. With this identifier, it is possible to extrapolate the location of the device to a general area. This enables businesses to determine how people are accessing their information on the internet. IP Intelligence is the science of understanding the information that an IP address can convey and using it to your benefit. IP intelligence can give the area of a user down to the ZIP code without the use of extra programming or intervention. This data, known as geolocation, can be utilized to give or restrict access to digital content based on the user’s location.

Why Should I Use IP Intelligence To Maintain Digital Rights Management?

Using IP Intelligence allows businesses to comprehend the users and restrict content to certain general areas without affecting the user directly or invading privacy. IP geolocation can provide where the user is accessing content and allow businesses to enable the content restriction as well as strengthen the security on a big scale. IP Intelligence also aids in enhancing customer experience and usage permissions.

Online information is valuable and if not properly protected with content based restriction, the information can be easily exploited. To decrease loss of revenue, it is important to enforce copyright and licensing rights using IP Intelligence and geolocation technology. IP Intelligence, while not perfect, can provide great opportunity and valuable information in regard to Digital Rights Management.

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