New IP2Proxy PX9 & PX10 packages

New IP2Proxy PX9 & PX10 packages


IP2Location is pleased to announce the release of the IP2Proxy PX9 and PX10 packages. These 2 packages cater to the users who are security-conscious and also online merchants looking to detect fraudulent purchases.

What’s new in IP2Proxy PX9 package?

With the release of the IP2Proxy PX9 packages, there is a new column called threat which contains a description of the types of detected threats from the listed proxies. This makes PX9 a vital tool in the arsenal of any webmaster, server administrator, forum operator, etc. The threat data can be one of the following:

SPAM – If the proxy has been detected as a source of email spam or forum spam, you will see this value in the threat column. This value is most beneficial to mail server operators, forum website operators and bloggers as it allows the detection of such proxies, making it very easy to block. There is no need to scan emails and posts for spam when you can just prevent such acts in the first place.

SCANNER – When you see this value in the threat data, you should be more alert as someone or an organization is probing your server and network for vulnerabilities. While it could be a legitimate penetration testing, it is good to take note and investigate further whenever you encounter this value. A thorough security audit of your network vulnerabilities could be in order.

BOTNET – Organized crime syndicates or hacker groups are taking over people’s computers on a daily basis via phishing, hacking and so forth. When an innocent party’s computer is hijacked without their knowledge, it is often used as part of a botnet (a group of computers on the Internet being controlled by a central server). Botnets are often used for various nefarious tasks such as performing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on servers owned by governments, militaries or big organizations. You can block such IP addresses by checking for this value in the threat column.

Why should you choose IP2Proxy PX10?

While PX9 can give you very good data from a security perspective, PX10 goes a step further by allowing you to detect the elusive residential proxy servers. This type of proxy servers is notoriously difficult to detect as they are actually computers being used by normal day to day folks. It could be a home computer being used by a student or housewife. It could also be any computer in a SOHO environment.

Sometimes the owners of these computers are not even aware that their machine is being used as a proxy. The proxy software could have been bundled with another software that they are using. Or it could also be one of their browser plugins.

As an online merchant, these residential proxies caused a lot of headache as fraudsters tend to use them while making purchases with stolen credit cards. This means the merchant will get saddled with lots of chargeback requests eventually. The potentially crippling financial losses means that merchants must be able to detect whenever a customer is making a purchase using a residential proxy server.

Fortunately, IP2Proxy PX10 includes detection of residential proxies, making it a highly indispensable tool in the online merchants’ fraud detection routine. By checking the proxy_type field for the value RES, they can easily filter out these IP addresses.


IP2Proxy with threats data and residential proxy ranges are very much needed in today’s high-threat environment. Without the power of IP2Proxy, server admins and online merchants are at the mercy of malicious parties. Please visit our website to compare all IP2Proxy products.

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