IPv4 Address 2024 Infographics


The internet has become an essential part of our daily routine, connecting people and devices across the globe. The Internet Protocol (IP) forms the backbone of this enormous network, establishing communication between devices. IPv4, the fourth version of this protocol, has been crucial in shaping the digital landscape and is the most commonly used. IPv4 address which uses a 32-bit address scheme serves as location addressing, network interface identification and so on.

To examine and analyze the utilization of IPv4 addresses, data on IPv4 address allocations from the year 2023 has been gathered, resulting in the creation of a report titled ‘Internet IP Address 2024 Report‘. Based on the report, an IPv4 address infographic has been created and is presented below. The infographic displays details such as IP address allocated by usage types, IP address allocated by continents, IP address ownership increment or decrement by countries and IP address allocated by organizations.

IPv4 Address Infographics

Based on the infographic as shown below, there is a total of 3.40 billion IP addresses allocated in the year 2023. Out of 3.40 billion IP addresses, 54.4% of IP addresses allocated belongs to the “Fixed Line” usage type. The second-highest allocation of IP addresses comes from the “Data Center” usage type, constituting 18.6%. Following closely, the third-highest allocation is from the “Commercial” usage type, which is 9.2%.

Breaking down the allocation of IPv4 addresses by continent provides a fascinating glimpse into the geographical distribution of internet connectivity. The infographic reveals that 39.8% of the total IPv4 addresses are allocated to North America, making it the continent with the majority of IP address allocation. Following closely are Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Oceania, each contributing to the global network infrastructure.

Moreover, IP ownership in the United Kingdom has seen a rise of 5.49 million compared to the year 2022, while in the United States, it has experienced a decrease of 5.85 million compared to the same period. These two countries exhibit the most significant increases and decreases respectively among other countries.

In addition, the infographic also highlights the allocation of IPv4 addresses based on organizations, which are “ISP” and “Data Center”. Comcast Cable Communications which has 69.1 million IP addresses is the highest in the “ISP” group. In the “Data Center” category, Amazon holds the top position with 59 million IP addresses.


Overall, among the 3.40 billion IP addresses allocated in 2023, the highest total IP address allocated in 2023 belongs to the “Fixed Line” usage type and is located in North America.

IPv4 Address 2024 Infographics


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