IPv4 Address 2023 Infographics


An Internet Protocol (IP) address is an unique identifier of a computer on the internet or even a local network. With this IP address, computers on a network can communicate with each others and send information. IP addresses are managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and its regional registries to various organizations worldwide. IPv4 address is the main standard being used on the internet today.

To observe and study the usage of IPv4 address, data of IPv4 address allocations in 2022 is collected and a report titled ‘Internet IP Address 2023 Report‘ is generated. Based on the report, an IPv4 address infographic is created and displayed below to give a better understanding of IPv4 address allocations in 2022. The infographic illustrates about total IP address allocated by continents, IP address ownership by countries, IP changes over past years and so on.

IPv4 Address Infographics

Based on the infographic as shown below, there are 3.38 billion public IP addresses allocated in the year 2022. Out of 3.38 billion IP addresses allocated, 37% of IP address is allocated to the United States. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost half of the IP addresses are owned by North America due to the United States’ allocation. The next biggest is Asia which takes up to 26.7%. In 2022, it is clearly seen that 32% of countries have dropped in their rankings.

Moreover, the top 5 countries with the most IP addresses allocated are the United States, China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. For usage types, 55% of IP addresses allocated are from the ISP usage type, which is the highest (55%) among other usage types. DCH, COM, MOB and EDU usage types are listed together with ISP in the list of top 5 IP address ownership by usage types in 2022.

Furthermore, Comcast Cable Communications which has 70 million IP addresses is the highest in the ISP group. For the Data Center group, Amazon Technologies which has 46 million IP addresses is the highest. Over the past 6 years, the IP changes based on the top 5 usage types fluctuate to varying degrees. A huge change is observed for the MOB usage type. It had a huge drop in 2019-2020 and increased back in 2020-2021 and then dropped again in 2021-2022. For the DCH usage type, it drops significantly after the year 2018-2019 and then increased in 2021-2022.


Overall, the highest total IP address allocated in 2022 is from the United States which is located in North America and belongs to the ISP usage type.

IPv4 Address Infographics 2023

Internet IP Address 2023 Report

 A report about IPv4 address allocations in 2022

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