Introducing Satellite (SAT) in Connection Speed

New release of Satellite (SAT) in Connection Speed

We are thrilled to announce that IP2Location has expanded its products with the addition of a Satellite (SAT) indicator under connection speed. This latest enhancement provides improved accuracy and granularity in identifying connections made via satellite network providers, such as Starlink, Viasat, Eutelsat, and others.

The Satellite (SAT) indicator is available in the following products starting immediately:

With the rapid growth of satellite internet technology, it has become essential to accurately identify and differentiate these connections from traditional networks. The new satellite indicator will enable users to accomplish precisely that, offering improved insights into connections made through satellite providers.

Join us in embracing this exciting milestone as we unlock new possibilities in geolocation with the Satellite indicator. Upgrade your subscription today to access the connection speed feature.

Unlock New Satellite Feature With Database

Access the new Satellite indicator in connection speed now!

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