How to remotely import the IP list from IP2Location Map for batch IP lookups

Remotely import the IP list from IP2Location Map for batch IP lookups

IP2Location Batch Service allows users to upload a batch file containing IP addresses for instant IP geolocation lookup. Recently, the service has introduced a new feature which allows users to remotely import the IP list from IP2Location Map. In this article, you will learn how to import your uploaded IP list from IP2Location Map to IP2Location Batch Service.


Before we start, please make sure that you have the map link from IP2Location map. If you don’t have it, you can go to IP2Location Map website, enter the relevant short description and paste the IP list into the text area. Submit the form and you will get a unique link for IP2Location Map.


  1. Login to your IP2Location account, and in the dashboard, click on the “IP2Location Batch Service” or “IP2Proxy Batch Service” on the left sidebar.
IP2Location Batch Service
  1. You shall see that there are three tabs in the page. Click on the “Remote Import” tab.
IP2Location Batch Service
  1. Enter the IP2Location Map link that you have into the textbox. Click the submit button to submit the link.
  2. You shall see a success message which indicates that your submission is being processed now. You can click on the refresh button to refresh the history table for the latest status.
IP2Location Batch Service
  1. Once you see that the status in the history table has changed from Pending to Completed, that means your list had been processed and you can download the result files now.
IP2Location Batch Service

IP2Location Batch Service

Just import your IP address list & get your visitors’ geolocation information

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