How to prepare affidavit for IP address change request?

IP2Location takes the data integrity seriously. In order to process a change request, we will need to authenticate requester to make sure the request is genuine to avoid any conflicts and abuses.

Therefore, a requester need to prepare an affidavit or a sworn statement in writing with the following information:

                              (a) name of the requester and the company he or she represents

                              (b) IP address or IP address ranges that he or she owns or want to update

                              (c) changes requested

                              (d) sign the statement in front of a notary public or commissioner of oaths and seal it

Please scan the affidavit together with requester ID, and send us the documents for processing.

Note: An affidavit is a formal request for IP address update. The request is still subject to due diligence before it is being approved.



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