Geo Redirection: Beneficial for WordPress site

Geo Redirection

Geolocation is the approximation of a website user’s location by their IP address. Geolocation redirection optimizes website visitors’ user experience. Users will see more localized content whenever they visit websites that implement geo redirection. WordPress websites implement such functionality via the use of geo redirection plugins such as the IP2Location Redirection plugin.

How does WordPress Geo Redirection work?

WordPress administrators just have to login to their admin area and install the geo redirection plugin that they wish to use. After that, they must configure their rules for redirections. Rules usually take 4 parameters. First of all, they need to select which countries or regions to apply the rule to. Secondly, they have to specify the source page to trigger the redirection as well as the destination page. Lastly, there should be a choice of using a permanent redirection (HTTP 301 status) or a temporary redirection (HTTP 302 status).

Geo Redirection enhances the visitors’ browsing experience

Websites are more interesting when different contents are shown to visitors based on their geolocation. News websites can show local news and other info like weather predictions. E-commerce sites are able to redirect visitors to country-specific websites to enable purchases in local currency. Geolocation redirection is also handy to reroute users from a group of countries to pages in their local language.

Promotes targeted advertising and marketing

Revenue will increase with the geo redirection sending customers to customized landing pages. Targeted marketing such as this ensures that products being advertised are relevant to visitors from certain localities. More relevant promotions translate into a higher click-through rate which helps to boost sales conversion.


Modern websites should incorporate geolocation redirection to better engage with their visitors. A better browsing experience often leads to visitors making purchases. It is worthwhile to spend a little effort to implement geo redirection using a plugin like the IP2Location Redirection plugin. The ability to redirect website visitors based on country or even region is highly beneficial for any online business.

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