Content Localization using IP Geolocation

Content Localization using IP Geolocation
Content Localization using IP Geolocation

IP geolocation has been used by business entities to market content to potential customers based on their currency, language and exact geographic location among others. Proper targeting enhances the possibility of the user taking desirable actions such as making a sale, clicking on links, watching a movie or any other activity. IP geolocation is the basis for website localization and provides for an excellent method of instantly serving content that’s more relevant and which can help to enhance user experience, boost revenues and identify mobile users among other benefits.

How to localize a website using IP geolocation?

Geolocation is able to glean high value enterprise intelligence from IP addresses and enable them to target their content to suit these unique requirements. IP geolocation works seamlessly across various devices, be it laptops, desktops or smartphones. This makes tailoring contents to internet users a pretty easy task. As long as any device connects to the web, it will have an IP address and by using IP2Location, information like the user’s postal code can be extracted.

IP geolocation offers a smart and effective method of customizing and localizing website content. There are a number of ways that IP geolocation targeting can be used for website content localization and among them are:

Web Site Redirection or Web Page Redirection

This is one of the simplest as all you need is set an IP address redirect on your server that’s based on geographic location using the httpd.conf or .htaccess on your server. However, it’s essential to ensure that you have a landing page that works perfectly well.

PPC Campaign

This IP localization method works great for advertising platforms such as Google AdWords. It’s possible to set your localization campaigns to target specific languages and locations.

Localization of Web Sites Contents

Web sites visitors are coming from all over the world. You can localize the contents using local context such as currency, languages and news to improve visitor’s browsing experience. This localization technique requires a lot of work but confers a lot of benefits to drive international efforts.

In conclusion, IP geotargeting tactics helps you to target customers based on location, language, currency and many more. If done well, geolocation for content localization can deliver better customer experience, increase conversions and sales.

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