5 Ways IP Geolocation Targets Your Marketing Process

5 Ways IP Geolocation Targets Your Marketing Process
5 Ways IP Geolocation Targets Your Marketing Process

Everyone knows IP geolocation can be worth its weight in gold in the marketing process.

Internal marketers and advertisers are wising up. Two-thirds of advertisers see location-based advertising as one of the most exciting opportunities, especially in the mobile realm, according to an IAB UK study.

Read on to find out how IP geolocation can improve your marketing by leaps and bounds.

It Helps You Understand Your Marketplace

IP geolocation delivers information about internet users not limited to their geographic area. It also includes information like mobile device usage, ZIP codes, time zone, country code, elevation, and other information.

Where your traffic goes to your pages can give valuable information about which users respond to the product.

Geolocation Helps You Strategize Your Marketing Process

This sort of information is helpful in your marketing strategy and planning phase.

Knowing where users are coming from will save the company time and money in the long run. But to use that data well, the idea of IP identification, reporting, and tracking has to be a foundational part of your company’s marketing plan.

Monthly reports on the demographic characteristics and interactions of users on pages, channels, and network platforms will empower the business to optimize and adjust their marketing process in near real-time.

It Helps Your Target Your Marketing Better

How do you adjust your process? Targeting is key.

If geolocation shows that the majority of users looking for your company’s product are in the Central time zone of the United States, you might be more inclined to focus sales efforts in that region.

Likewise, if you know most of your users are on mobile devices, you can optimize your sites for mobile sales. Then, you can cross-reference that to geolocation data.

Furthermore, information from IP data about users coming to specific pages can also help you A/B test different page layouts and language. Then, you can target niche markets that will respond directly to your tailored content.

It Can Eliminate SPAM and Waste

Getting great IP geolocation data isn’t just a reactive measure, but a proactive one.

For instance, if you’re a local business based in Wichita, and a lot of traffic is coming from Moscow, it’s a pretty good sign that something isn’t working.

Perhaps your website is compromised. Maybe it’s been infiltrated by spammers and you need to find an expert to clean-up your site.

Maybe you’ve spent money on a pay-per-click campaign and the IP data shows that the person you’re contracting with isn’t giving you quality traffic. Whatever the case, it can help you greatly streamline your marketing process and web presence.

IP Geolocation Can Help Improve Website Efficiency

One benefit of IP geolocation is that it can help your website load faster.

In addition to making sales conversion easier, prominent search engines like Google take your loading speed into account when weighing how high to rank your pages.

With a Content Delivery Network, users from specific geolocation will load your website from the server nearest them, reducing load times.

Unlock Your Users IP Secrets

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