How to use IP2Location™ Widgets in Jimdo

IP2Location Widgets in Jimdo

In this tutorial, we will show you how to implement our IP2Location™ Widgets with the website created at Jimdo platform. The  IP2Location™ Widgets is provided for public usage to show the visitors of their information based on their IP address. It has few widgets in different orientation, size and display language to choose.

Firstly, you need to copy the provided HTML code from IP2Location website. The code can be obtained from and is free to use. You can also change the display language by clicking the dropdown menu.

IP2Location widget

After that, open your Jimdo website and switch to edit mode. Now move your cursor to the area that you wish to put the widget with and hover on it until the word “Add Element” is shown up. Click on that to open the menu and click on “More Elements and Add-ons” button. Click on the “Widget/HTML” option after the menu was expanded. Paste the code given to the text editor that pop up after this. And finally do not forget to click save. Now you can view it from View Mode.


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